Kick Start 2015 with a 6 Day DETOX

Kick start a Healthy 2015 with our Physician Supervised 6 Day Detox!

As we begin a new year many people start thinking of what they’re going to do this year that they haven’t done for years prior…aka “New Year’s Resolutions”. For many this involves some type of health and fitness goals.

Well, like planting a garden in the spring and starting with good fertile soil, we have to think about cleaning up our body’s many vital systems in order to make lasting changes to our health. If your goal is to start eating better, losing weight and improving your overall health, don’t you want to make sure that what you’re putting in your body is actually being properly used? You’ve probably heard the old adage “You are what you eat”, well I like to take that a step further and say “You are what you absorb”.

If your body has been bogged down by years of poor eating and other detrimental lifestyle factors, then don’t you think you should start with fertile ground? The best way to insure that is to take part in a safe, effective detoxification program that will get you on the road to optimal health.

How do you know if you need to detox??? Here are 8 signs that you NEED to detoxify!

• Inability Lose Weight
• Low Energy Levels
• Poor Sleep Patterns
• Food Cravings
• Brain Fog
• Fatigue
• Hormonal Imbalances
• Digestive Issues

Your $137.00 Detox Kit Includes:

1.All Necessary Supplements(Digestive, Liver and Lymphatic Support)
2.Modified Elimination Diet Program Guide
3.Re-usable Tote Bag


*10% Discount*
**Two 30 Minute Detoxifying Far Infrared Sauna Sessions**

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